Mission & History

Mission Statement

Becoming Families is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing at-risk youth of the foster care system with stable and loving homes through the involvement of devoted foster and adoptive parents. We carry out this mission though community services, support, education, advocacy, training, and recruitment. Our outreach employees and volunteers work together to provide all children in the foster care system with the opportunity for a Forever Home and the support to flourish for a lifetime.
Organization History

Desireé Sterling founded Becoming Families in January 2014 after coming full circle from being raised a foster child to actually becoming a foster parent. Having experienced the process first-hand and from both sides, she saw the tremendous gaps that existed in the system to help families navigate through this complicated and emotional journey. Desireé found the foster care system does not always consider the best interest of children involved. She discovered the system makes it difficult for individuals to willingly complete the arduous process, thus leading less people to become foster parents or to adopt 
children in need. She began to imagine how different her own journey might have been had there been an organization focused on filling these gaps. Learning from the many twists, turns, ups, and downs, Desireé wanted to offer her help and unique perspective by establishing an organization dedicated to helping others willing to provide Forever Homes for children in need.